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Silver Biotics, Silver Gel, Wound Healing Gel, 1.5 oz

Silver Biotics, Silver Gel, Wound Healing Gel, 1.5 oz
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BrandSilver Biotics
ProductSilver Gel, Wound Healing Gel
Package Size1.5 oz

Silver Biotics Silver Gel

  • Wound Healing Gel.
  • First Aid & Burn Relief.
  • Effectively Kills Bacteria, Fungus and Yeast.
  • Family Safe, Non-Stinging, Unscented, Non-Staining, Hydrating.

Silver Biotics Wound Dressing Gel is a topical antimicrobial layer of protection for minor cuts, lacerations, skin irritations, 1st and 2nd degree burns, and sunburn relief.

Contains ... Purpose:
Patented nano silver technology ... Antimicrobial

Other Ingredients: Water, triethanolamine, carbomer.

Clean wound. Use clean applicator to liberally cover the wound with Silver Biotics Silver Gel Wound Dressing Gel and secondary dressing.

How Does Silver Gel Work on the Skin?

- Creates an optimal healing environment. An essential component to healing a wound is by maintaining proper moisture to the skin- which is exactly why our water-based gel is so effective.

- Soothes the skin. Does not sting, stick, or burn when you apply, so you can take care of skin concerns with ease.

- Combats inflammation related to skin concerns by reducing levels of microorganisms that cause infection and irritation.

- Offers protection. Provides a layer of support for skin that lasts up to 3 days.

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