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StarWest Botanicals, Organic Fo-ti Root Sliced, 1 lb

StarWest Botanicals, Organic Fo-ti Root Sliced, 1 lb
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BrandStarWest Botanicals
ProductOrganic Fo-ti Root Sliced
Package Size1 lb

StarWest Botanicals Organic Fo-ti Root Sliced

  • Botanical Name: Polygonum multiflorum
  • Origin: China
  • Common Names: He-shou-wu

All Fo-Ti root is cured in a black bean solution during processing.

Warning: Contraindicated with diarrhea.

Starwest stocks one of the largest selections of Certified Organic Herbs & Spices in the country, with over 100 varieties from all over the world. When you buy certified organic products, you support conscientious farmers and companies creating a healthy agricultural system from the ground up.

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