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StarWest Botanicals, Organic Ginseng Root Powder, 4 oz

StarWest Botanicals, Organic Ginseng Root Powder, 4 oz
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BrandStarWest Botanicals
ProductOrganic Ginseng Root Powder
Package Size4 oz

StarWest Botanicals Organic Ginseng Root Powder

  • Botanical Name: Panax ginseng
  • Origin: China

4 ounces of Organic Ginseng Root Powder - the roots used for this powder were harvested after at least 6 years of growth.

Warning: Contraindicated for hypertension.

As one of the largest suppliers of dried herbs in the United States, Starwest Botanicals directly sources our dried herbs from quality growers located around the world, and we then process them ourselves at our milling and packaging facility, in order to ensure that quality controls are in place at every step of the process.

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