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StarWest Botanicals, Organic Dulse Leaf Powder, 1 lb

StarWest Botanicals, Organic Dulse Leaf Powder, 1 lb
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BrandStarWest Botanicals
ProductOrganic Dulse Leaf Powder
Package Size1 lb

StarWest Botanicals Organic Dulse Leaf Powder

  • Botanical Name: Rhodymenia palmata
  • Common Names: Dillisk, Water Leaf, Red algae
  • Origin: Canada

Dulse Leaf, or Rhodymenia palmetta, is a red sea vegetable that is harvested during low tides from the rocks on which it grows. Harvested Dulse Herbs are then allowed to sun dry on stones, or alternately a series of nets are placed above the stones. The Dulse Leaves are placed on the nets to dry quickly due to the radiant heat coming from the stones, yet at the same time achieving good air circulation while drying. Rhodymenia palmetta, which is also commonly called dillisk, water leaf and red algae, is a sea vegetable that is native to Scotland, Ireland, northern France, Iceland, Canada and Greenland.

Bulk Dulse Leaf offers a lot of nutrition from this sea plant, and in years past these herbs were used in times of low food and as an animal fodder. A good source of potassium, iron, vitamins B6 and B12, and fluoride, wholesale dulse leaf is a product that is suitable for those on raw food or vegan diets.

StarWest Dulse Leaf dried herbs come in several different forms, including cut and sifted, granules, powder and whole leaf. They may be included in soup, salad and stew recipes for a nutrient boost. It is advised that you not use dulse leaf if you have hyperthyroidism.

Dulse is one of many of our bulk dried herbs for sale that is available both certified organic and kosher. Herbs from Starwest come from quality suppliers and undergo rigorous inspections and testing in order to bring you the highest quality bulk herbs.

Warning: Therapeutic use is not recommended in hyperthyroidism.

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