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Flora Health, Toasted Sesame Oil, Certified Organic, 8.5 oz

Flora Health, Toasted Sesame Oil, Certified Organic, 8.5 oz
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BrandFlora Health
ProductToasted Sesame Oil, Certified Organic
Package Size8.5 oz

Flora Toasted Sesame Oil

  • Good nutrition.
  • Providing Essential Fatty Acids.

Toasted Sesame Oil has a pleasant nutty flavor and is nutritionally preferred by many for sautéing, stir-frying and baking. When used for deep frying, it is advisable to heat the oil gradually to prevent foaming. To make Toasted Sesame Seed Oil, the washed seeds are sprouted for a short period. Then, they are rolled and lightly toasted. After this preparation, the toasted seeds are cold-pressed in the same manner as our other Flora oils.

Flora Toasted Sesame Oil contains: 50% polyunsaturated Linoleic acid (omega-6), 36% monounsaturated Oleic acid (omega-9), 14% saturated fatty acids.

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