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Shea Radiance, Raw Shea Butter - Unscented, 14 oz

Shea Radiance, Raw Shea Butter - Unscented, 14 oz
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BrandShea Radiance
ProductRaw Shea Butter - Unscented
Package Size14 oz

Shea Radiance Raw Shea Butter - Unscented

We gently mixed 100% Natural and unrefined Shea Butter to make it softer and easier to apply. This is pure unrefined Shea Butter with a smoother texture filled with all the healing benefits of the shea nut.

This butter has NOT been refined or stripped through a chemical or physical refining process. No color or dyes added.

Benefits: Deep-penetrating, long-lasting moisture. Great for cracked heels. Deep-conditioning treatment for hair. Sunburn relief. Gentle enough to be used on babies. Great replacement for mineral oil and petroleum gel products.

Uses: Great for DIY butters, hair and body care.

Unrefined Shea Butter.

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