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StarWest Botanicals, Saw Palmetto Berry 500 mg, 100 Capsules

StarWest Botanicals, Saw Palmetto Berry 500 mg, 100 Capsules
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BrandStarWest Botanicals
ProductSaw Palmetto Berry 500 mg
Package Size100 Capsules

Saw Palmetto Berry
500 mg vegetarian capsules

Starwest Botanicals features superior quality herbs "Captured in Capsules". We select our herbs and spices from natural renewable sources and are irradiation-free. Followed with numerous quality control inspections before and after processing in which we adhere to our strict quality control standards. Starwest encapsulates only superior quality herbs and strives to consistently capture and maintain the purest and highest quality botanicals and their natural benefits.

Starwest Herb Capsules 100 count are packaged in a light-and moisture-resistant white bottle with a tamper evident, pressure-sealed lid; and, 500 count bulk packs are packaged in foil, barrier seal bags.

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