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Imperial Elixir Ginseng, Royal Jelly 2000 mg, 30 Capsules

Imperial Elixir Ginseng, Royal Jelly 2000 mg, 30 Capsules
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BrandImperial Elixir Ginseng
ProductRoyal Jelly 2000 mg
Package Size30 Capsules

Royal Jelly 2000
The only difference between a queen and worker bee is that the queen is fed Royal Jelly, which is very rich in amino acids (the building blocks of protein), vitamins (especially B5), minerals, live enzymes and an anti-microbial known as 10-HDA. The queen goes on to lay millions of eggs and lives up to 40 times longer.

Royal Jelly is one of the world's most complete concentrated natural food sources. Imperial Elixir Royal Jelly 2000 contains fresh Royal Jelly which is freeze-dried into powder, thus concentrating and preserving it. Connoisseurs know that Royal Jelly 2000 is one of the most potent, economical capsule products available.

Royal Jelly 2000 -- Each capsule contains 667mg of 100% fresh, freeze-dried Royal Jelly Powder (3:1 concentration), equivalent to 2000 mg of fresh royal jelly -- 30 capsules per bottle.

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