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Smile Brite, Replacement Heads, Natural Double Tip Extra Soft, 3 heads

Smile Brite, Replacement Heads, Natural Double Tip Extra Soft, 3 heads
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BrandSmile Brite
ProductReplacement Heads, Natural Double Tip Extra Soft
Package Size3 heads

Smile Brite Double Tip Natural Extra Soft Replacement Heads

  • Extra-Soft Natural Bristles.
  • Double-Tip Repalceable Head.
  • Fits the Smile Brite Replaceable Head Toothbrush.
  • REPLACEABLE HEAD SYSTEM economical, ecological, hygienic, safe & easy.
  • PATENTED E-Z SNUG SYSTEM safe & easy head replacement.
  • DOUBLE-TIP VARIABLE BRISTLE HEIGHT cleans deep into crevices & massages gums.

Smile Brite Replaceable Head Toothbrush System represents the ultimate merger of superior dental care with environmental awareness. Also, Smile Brite replaceable head toothbrushes are hygienic. By using Smile Brite, you can always achieve optimum care levels for your teeth and gums by disposing worn-out toothbrushes before they harm your dental health.

Natural bristles have a beige coloration rather than the clear or white of nylon bristles.

Dentist recommend you replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months for optimum oral care. It is essential to replace your toothbrush immediately if it showes signs of fraying or broken bristles.

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