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Q-tips, Cotton Swabs, 100% Pure American Cotton, Extra Value, 1750 Sticks

Q-tips, Cotton Swabs, 100% Pure American Cotton, Extra Value, 1750 Sticks
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ProductQ-tips Cotton Swabs, 100% Pure American Cotton, Extra Value
Package Size1750 Sticks

Q-tips Cotton Swabs

  • The ultimate home and beauty tool.
  • Cotton swabs made with 100% pure cotton.
  • Gentle enough for use on babies.
  • Numerous uses around the home.
  • Flexible stick.
  • Perfect for Arts and Crafts projects.
  • (2) 625 ct + 500 ct, Total 1750 ct Q-tips Cotton Swabs.

The ultimate home and beauty tool, Q-tips Cotton Swabs are an absolute essential tool for the home and the workplace! With a supple flexible stick and soft 100% cotton at the tip, Q-tips Cotton Swabs are perfect for a variety of practical and creative tasksaround the home.

Safety Cotton Swabs You Can Trust
Q-tips Cotton Swabs are your trusted brand for baby cotton swabs, baby cotton buds and cotton swabs for a number of different uses around the home or office. This useful package of swabs contains two packs of 625 cotton swabs and one pack of 500 cotton swabs, so you can place them strategically in your home.

The tip of our cotton swabs extended past the end of the stick, so you get the most flexible, supple, soft cotton when dealing with sensitive areas of the body or when using Q-tips for creative and artistic tasks.

What Are These Cotton Swabs Made With?
These safety cotton swabs are made with 100% cotton and are safe enough to use as baby cotton swabs. The plastic flexible stick means there's less risk of poking sensitive spots, such as when applying removing eye make up or applying ointment to sensitive areas.

How Can I Use Q-Tips Cotton Swabs?
There are countless uses for cotton swabs. Since we use 100% cotton, they're the best swabs for personal care, not to mention arts and crafts!

  • Nail art applications, like polka dots and ombre techniques.
  • Remove stray nail polish during manicures or pedicures by dippping the Q-tip in nail polish remover.
  • Use as a beauty tool or makeup swab for makeup application and removal. These swabs work great for color blending.
  • Creative paint applications on canvas, wood, or other materials.
  • Sewing machine and small appliance cleaning or other dust removal and cleaning tasks in tight spaces.
  • Include them in your medicine cabinet and first aid kits.

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