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Flora Health, Pro-Essence, 120 Capsules

Flora Health, Pro-Essence, 120 Capsules
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BrandFlora Health
Package Size120 Capsules

Flora Pro Essence

  • Traditional Relief for the Prostate and Urinary Tract!
  • Helps strengthen and normalize the function of the eliminatory organs.

Pro Essence® is a unique combination of 5 synergistic herbs including prickly ash bark, juniper berry, burdock root, slippery elm bark and bearberry

Suggested Use:
Take one capsule in the early morning and one capsule in the late evening with a large glass of warm water. If needed, take another capsule in the mid morning and mid afternoon, for a maximum of four capsules per day.

When taking Pro Essence®, drink lots of filtered water (4-6 glasses) throughout the day. This helps activate the herbs and also flush the toxins out.

Pro Essence® is also effectively used in conjunction with Flor Essence®, as it helps to discharge the toxins being gathered and broken down by Flor Essence®.

If taking both products, take them one hour apart. If already taking Flor Essence® twice a day, only one or two capsules per day of Pro Essence® are needed.

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