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Parissa Natural Hair Removal, Persian Cold Wax, 8 oz

Parissa Natural Hair Removal, Persian Cold Wax, 8 oz
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BrandParissa Natural Hair Removal
ProductPersian Cold Wax
Package Size8 oz

Parissa Persian Cold Wax

  • Washable Hair Remover.
  • The original sugar based hair remover, for sensitive skins.

Persian Cold Wax is the original time honoured recipe that women have been trusting for centuries. And now in celebration of Eastern elegance and beauty we have repackaged our luxurious cold wax - but kept the recipe unchanged. Because Persian Cold Wax works - beautifully so.

Wax: sucrose, honey, citrus extracts, gum arabic, water. Instructions:

Do a patch test
Always do a patch test on area to be smoothed & wait 24 hours. If no irritation occurs, continue.

1. Wash skin
Wash skin with soap & water or oil-free toner. Dry well.

2. Heat product
Heat product to consistency of honey & retain at that consistency throughout process.

Microwave: remove cap & seal. Place on a dish, then place in centre of unit & heat on high for 20 sec. As microwaves vary, ALWAYS test temperature before use.
Warmer: Place on Parissa Wax Warmer for 20 min.
Lamp: Place directly under reading lamp for 20 min.

3. Smooth on
Using edge of spatula, spread paper-thin layer of product in direction of hair growth.

4. Apply strip
Immediately smooth down strip over product leaving end of strip extended beyond product. Rub strip to adhere well.

5. Zip-off immediately
Hold skin taut below strip with one hand. Use other to grasp lower end of strip and zip-off quickly in opposite direction of hair growth, keeping strip/hand as close & parallel to the skin as possible.

Hint: The same strip can be used several times. With experience, you can cover larger areas with product and remove with one strip in quick, successive motions.

Bikini Line
Trim bikini hair to 1/2" (1cm). Area is sensitive so work in small patches. Bend leg outward, stretch skin with one hand & with other hand strip-off against hair growth.

Keep lips taut over teeth throughout process. Work on only 1/2 of area at a time. Spread product evenly & thinly from centre to corner. Strip-off toward centre in one quick motion. Apply pressure to stripped area to minimize discomfort. Soothe & cool area with ice cube.

Place arm behind head as far back as possible to tauten skin. Check direction of hair growth as it varies widely. Work on upper & lower half of underarm separately.

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