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Starwest Botanicals, Organic Triphala Powder, 1 lb

Starwest Botanicals, Organic Triphala Powder, 1 lb
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BrandStarwest Botanicals
ProductOrganic Triphala Powder
Package Size1 lb

Starwest Botanicals Triphala

Latin Name: Amalaki, bibitaki, haritaki

The Triphala you receive from Starwest is made up of three different components: Amalaki, known by the Latin name of Emblica officinalis; Bibitaki, with the botanical name of Terminalia bellirica; and Haritaki, going by the Lain name of Terminalia chebula. In fact, in Hindi and Sanskrit the name Triphala, with an accent on the last syllable, means three fruits.

The Triphala you receive from Starwest Botanicals comes in an organic powdered form. As one of the largest suppliers of organic dried herbs in the United States, our organic products have been certified by Quality Assurance International following United States Department of Agriculture and National Organic Program guidelines to ensure quality.

Starwest's Triphala is also certified kosher. We offer only the highest quality dried bulk herbs and herbal products with excellent customer service at reasonable prices. As a certified bulk herbs processor, we assure the quality of our products by controlling every part of the milling, blending and packaging process at our in-house facilities before the dried herbs reach our customers.

Ingredients: Emblica officinalis, terminalia belerica, and terminalia chebula.

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