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Dr. Mercola, Organic Cotton Rounds, 80 ct

Dr. Mercola, Organic Cotton Rounds, 80 ct
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BrandDr. Mercola
ProductOrganic Cotton Rounds
Package Size80 ct

Dr. Mercola Organic Cotton Rounds

  • Premium Personal Care.
  • Chlorine Free.
  • Perfume Free.
  • Gentle on Skin.
  • Naturally Absorbent.

Dr. Mercola's Organic Cotton products are specially made for healthy and environmentally conscious individuals. The cotton used for this product is certified organic. Organic Cotton Rounds are gentle on your skin and free of chlorine, perfume, and viscose rayon.

Why organic? Organic cotton is required to go through a stringent certification process, so you can rest assured that you are receiving a high quality product.

Dr. Mercola's Organic Cotton Rounds adhere to the following standards to keep the earth and your body safe:

  • Rounds made with Organic Cotton - Viscose rayon and pesticide free. Free of genetically engineered cotton.
  • Chlorine Free - Hydrogen peroxide is used in the cotton bleaching process.
  • Perfume and Irritant Free - Gentle on skin.
  • Made with your comfort in mind - Assurance techniques are used to provide you with the best product possible, without compromising quality.

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