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Lumino Wellness, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home Shaker, 12 oz

Lumino Wellness, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home Shaker, 12 oz
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BrandLumino Wellness
ProductFood Grade Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home Shaker
Package Size12 oz

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth For Your Home

Lumino Diatomaceous Earth (DE) For Home is an alternative to toxic chemicals for a cleaner, more enjoyable, and beautiful home.

This amazing gift from Mother Nature is a natural solution. It is chemical free, non-toxic, and safe around humans and animals.

As a Natural Deodorizer:

Garbage Cans - sprinkle DE in the bottom of garbage cans to deodorize.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags - place two tablespoons of DE in the vacuum bag or canister to deodorize. Replenish when half full.

Refrigerator - use as you would baking soda.

Footwear - sprinkle in shoes, leave overnight, shake out well, then wipe up residue.

As a Non-toxic Cleanser and Absorbent:

Soft Scrub Cleanser - mix DE with dish soap to make a paste, adding a few drops of vinegar if desired.

Muddy Footprints on Carpet - sprinkle DE powder on wet or dry mud spots. Apply with a stiff broom or brush without rubbing. Vacuum in 1-2 hours or when powder and mud appear dry.

Polish Silver, Gold Flatware, Jewelry - mix DE with water to form a paste. Apply with a cloth and wash well. Tarnish can be removed by rubbing with dry DE and a cloth.

For a Glorious Garden:

Preserve and Store Flower Bulbs - sprinkle bulbs lightly with DE. Store in an air permeable bag, hang in a dry place for airflow.

Amendment for Soil - for houseplants, use a mix of 1/4 DE to 3/4 soil. As a soil conditioner it help break up clay and retains moisture in light or sandy soils. Its 14 trace minerals will help amend depleted soils.

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