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Edu-Shape (Edushape), 3-Pack Puzzle and Sensory Set

Edu-Shape (Edushape), 3-Pack Puzzle and Sensory Set
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BrandEdu-Shape (Edushape)
Product3-Pack Puzzle and Sensory Set

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Edu-Shape Puzzle and Sensory Set

This 3 pack puzzle and sensory set is filled with hours of play!

Forest Fun Puzzle
10" square Edu-Foam puzzle. The multi-layer puzzle with helpful hints that assures successful puzzle placement, building self-esteem while having fun! The bottom layer gives clues as to where these fun critters live!

Treehouse Puzzle
10" square Edu-Foam puzzle features a tree of happy creatures all waiting to be fed with the matching food pieces. Encourages logic and reasoning skills, and shape matching!

Chicky Puzzle
This fun puzzle doubles as both a puzzle and a sensory balance toy. Open-ended construction places no expectations; no 'right or wrong' pressure on the child playing with it! Starts as an 11"x11" puzzle with rounded shapes to match. Eventually progressing into a patterned balance toy using shapes that require more thought than most puzzles or blocks do.


  • Recommended age: 12+ months.
  • Encourages logic & reasoning skills.
  • Hours of fun!
  • Legal warnings: N/A.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Made In China.

Edu-Shape (Edushape), 3-Pack Puzzle and Sensory Set

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