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Ecco Bella, FlowerColor Blush - Peach Rose, 0.16 oz

Ecco Bella, FlowerColor Blush - Peach Rose, 0.16 oz
Item# EB0039
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BrandEcco Bella
ProductFlowerColor Blush - Peach Rose
Package Size0.16 oz

Ecco Bella FlowerColor Blush Refill - Peach Rose

Ecco Bella Blush colors are made from natural pigments, only Mother Nature will know you are using them.

These blushes are a silky smooth powder, naturally-colored in the full range for warm to cool skin tones. A pure and simple formula of sweet almond oil, natural pigments, Flower Cutins and vitamin E. Talc-free, fragrance-free and no additives to cause sensitivity. Dual purpose, safe enough to use around the eyes. Gluten-free. These blush colors are vegan: Coral Rose, Earthy Rose, Peach Rose and Wild Rose.

If you need a compact for one of more of your Ecco Bella Talc-Free Blush colors, our Paperback Duo Compact or Paperback Single Blush Compact would be perfect.

Mica, kaolin, cornstarch/zea mays*, zinc oxide, sweet almond oil/prunis dulcis*, green tea extract/camellia sinensis*, aloe barbadensis extract*, flower wax, iron oxides, sodium levulinate/anisate. May contain: Zinc stearate, carmine.

*Certified Organic

Made in the USA.

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