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Quantum Health, Buzz Away Bug Spray, Bug Repellent, 6 oz

Quantum Health, Buzz Away Bug Spray, Bug Repellent, 6 oz
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BrandQuantum Health
ProductBuzz Away Bug Spray, Bug Repellent
Package Size6 oz

Buzz Away Bug Spray

  • Buzz Away Original Herbal Bug Spray Repellant
  • The All Natural DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent that's Backyard Perfect.

Buzz Away Original Bug Spray Repellant has been the building block of our line of natural repellents and the leading natural mosquito repellent in America. It's the perfect addition to your backyard arsenal in the fight against mosquitoes. Independent lab tests prove that Buzz Away keeps the bugs at bay for up to 2.5 hours, and because Buzz Away is 100% DEET-free and natural, it's an excellent choice for your whole family. Made from pure, natural essential oils -- cedarwood, citronella, peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass -- Buzz Away smells terrific.

Buzz Away Bug Spray Ingredients:
Pure essential oils of Citronella, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Water, Denatured ethyl alcohol, Modified castor oil to make it water soluable. No petrochemicals, preservatives or other toxins

Buzz Away Outdoor Protection
Independent testing and years of customer satisfaction have made Buzz Away America's leading natural mosquito repellent choice. Our line of Buzz Away mosquito repellent and outdoor protection products will provide you and your family with the most effective chemical free way to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats and no see ums.

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