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BodyMed, Aluminum Crutches, Small (4'6" - 5'2"), ZZRADL80

BodyMed, Aluminum  Crutches, Small (4'6" - 5'2"), ZZRADL80
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ProductAluminum Crutches, Small (4'6" - 5'2"), ZZRADL80
Package Size1 Pair

BodyMed Aluminum Crutches

  • Takes weight off injured body parts to allow healing.
  • Cushioned underarm and handgrip pads.
  • Rubber grips on feet prevent slipping.
  • Easy to adjust for proper height.
  • Made of lightweight aluminum.
  • Crutches sold in pairs.
  • Weight Capacity 300lbs.

Support Lower Extremity Injuries
The BodyMed Aluminum Crutches are designed to support ankle, knee, and leg injuries, allowing users to walk with less strain on the injured body part. These lightweight crutches offer balanced body weight support when users need it most. The hand grips and underarm cushions are made with thick padding for extra comfort during use.

Easily adjust the BodyMed Aluminum Crutches to a user's desired height with the push-button height adjustment, which adjusts in 1" increments.

Exceptional Support
Find confidence in mobility and maneuverability with the BodyMed Aluminum Crutches. Whether at school, home, work, or on the go, these lightweight crutches provide exceptional support users can depend on.

Non-Skid Rubber Tips
The durable, non-skid rubber tips provide good traction during use while absorbing shock for secure maneuvering on the go. Each crutch features comfortable padding that is firmly attached for adequate and non-irritating cushioning.

Made from Lightweight Aluminum
The BodyMed Aluminum Crutches are available in a variety of height options to best suit the user's needs. These adult crutches made from lightweight aluminum have a weight capacity of 300 lb.

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