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Nature's Answer, Bio-Ear Topical Formula, 0.5 oz

Nature's Answer, Bio-Ear Topical Formula, 0.5 oz
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BrandNature's Answer
ProductBio-Ear Topical Formula
Package Size0.5 oz

Bio-Ear (BioEar), Alive & Alert, the Hear The Difference topical formula developed in Sweden, is an all-natural liquid product recommended for sufferers of persistent ringing and buzzing in the ear.

Bio-Ear features a proprietary blend of Bio-Chelated, concentrated herbal extracts that, when synergistically combined, have been shown to help relieve the ringing, buzzing and noise, by nourishing nerve endings in the ear and gently improving circulation. Though not a cure, Bio-Ear, used regularly over time, has been shown approximately 85% of the time to alleviate symptoms as reported by tinnitus sufferers in both the United States and Europe.

Suggested Use:
Topical, External use only

Bio-Ear Ingredients:
Aloe Vera gel in an alcohol base (18-22%), UPS Purified water, Bio-Chelated? Extracts of the following highly concentrated herbs: Gentian root, Ginseng root(American), Bitter Orange peel, Dandelion root, Myrrh gum, Saffron flower, Senna leaves, Camphor, Rhubarb root, Zedoary root, Carline Thistle seed and Angelica root.

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