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Belle+Bella, YoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker, 1 ct

Belle+Bella, YoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker, 1 ct
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ProductYoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker
Package Size1 ct

Belle+Bella YoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker

The legend reborn!

We revolutionized home yogurt making in 1967 with the Yogomagic yogurt maker and we are again revolutionizing home yogurt making. Now, homemade yogurt is as easy as pouring milk!

The YoMagic Automatic Yogurt Maker takes the guesswork out of making yogurt at home. Simply pick the type of milk you like (coconut, almond, soy, cow or goat) mix together with Belle and Bella Non-Dairy Yogurt Starter and pour into the ceramic container, set the timer and let the YoMagic do the rest. Once chilled you will love the delicious and healthy results. Easy, simple and economical!

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