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Simply Organic, Basil Leaf, Sweet, 0.54 oz

Simply Organic, Basil Leaf, Sweet, 0.54 oz
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BrandSimply Organic
ProductBasil Leaf, Sweet
Package Size0.54 oz

Simply Organic Basil Leaf, Sweet

A lovely member of the mint family with a mildly peppery taste, a hint of clove and mint, basil is at the same time spicy and sweet, warm and fresh.

Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum basilicum L.

Suggested Uses:
Very popular in Italian and American kitchens, basil is also prominent in French cuisine -- where it's an essential ingredient in the blends fines herbs and herbs de Provence. You'll also find it in recipes from the Mediterranean (like pesto, which highlights the spice), Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan. Basil is a customary seasoning in tomato-based sauces, juices, and dressings. It blends well with oregano for pizza sauce, and with other seasonings, especially lemon, garlic, and thyme.

Product Notes:
Organic, Egyptian, extra-fancy grade basil to enliven every tomato-based recipe.

Origin: Egypt
Organic: QAI Certified Organic
Kosher: KSA Certified
Common Name: Basil, Sweet
Plant Part: Leaf

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