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LaVigne Organic Skincare, Baby Magic Balm, 1.7 oz

LaVigne Organic Skincare, Baby Magic Balm, 1.7 oz
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BrandLaVigne Organic Skincare
ProductBaby Magic Balm
Package Size1.7 oz

LaVigne Baby Magic Balm

Baby Magic balm speeds up the healing process with Tepezcohuite, its key active ingredient. In 1984, the Mexican Red Cross successfully treated severely burnt victims with Tepezcohuite following a series of gas station explosions near Mexico City.

Tepezcohuite not only protects the skin from the damaging effects of the environment, it also relieves pain, heals without scarring, regenerates skin cells, and fights bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is also a non-toxic antibacterial agent 300% more effective than streptomycin. (Univ of Ottawa).

Expecting moms & Post-delivery:

  • Prevent/treat stretch marks
  • Nourish itchy, dry or cracked skin
  • Help heal incisions & scars
  • Soothe cracked/irritated nipples
  • Also treat minor cuts, burns, rashes & inflammation such as Rosacea

For Baby, top to bottom!

  • Cradle cap
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema & flaky skin
  • Scratches, cut or burns
  • Diaper rash

3 Ingredients of Baby Magic Balm:

Shea Butter - Healing, therapeutic emollient, renowned for its skin softening and superior moisture retaining ability and capacity to reduce scar tissue.

Vegetable Emulsifying Wax (EcoCert) - Vegetable-based emulsifying agent.
* Note: This is NOT a petroleum-based wax which has been warned about in the press, but is actually a vegetable-based wax that is third-party certified by "EcoCert".

Tepezcohuite - Natural analgesic, promotes collagen growth, defends against bacteria, fungi, viral infections and germs, reduces scarring by regenerating new skin cells, effective with burns, blemishes, and more.

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