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Guang Ci Tang, Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Pian), 200 Pills or 100 Tablets

Guang Ci Tang, Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Pian), 200 Pills or 100 Tablets
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BrandGuang Ci Tang
ProductTe Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Pian)
Package Size200 Pills or 100 Tablets

Guang Ci Tang Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Pian)

  • Chinese herbal supplement.
  • Particularly formulated for nasal allergy relief (sneezing, nasal congestion, running nose).

Traditional Chinese Formula - Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Pian) is made of 100% pure authentic Chinese herbs of highest qualities. Traditional preparation procedures are combined with modern pharmaceutical processes to extract the active ingredients from the herbs and to further concentrate them into pills or tablets.

Available per bottle as 100 tablets (pian) or 200 pills (wan).

Te Xiao Bi Min Gan Wan (Pian) Ingredients:
Fructus Xanthii (cang er zi)
Herba Agastaches Seu pogost (huo xiang)
Radix angelicae Dahuricae (bai zhi)
Flos Magnoliae (xin yi)
Fructus Forsythiaf (lian qiao)
Flos Lonicerae (jin yin hua)
Nidus Vespae (da feng fang)
Rhizoma Ligustici (gao ben)
Herba Taraxaci (pu gong ying)
Rhizoma Chuanxiong (chuan qiong)
Fructus Vitici (man jing zi)
Selaginella Daederleinii hieron (shi shang bo)

Take 4 to 6 pills or 2 to 3 tablets three times daily.

Consult your herbalist or physician before use.

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